The new Stick-Miner GekkoScience Compac A1

We are happy to announce the first product of the GekkoScience Miner Generation 2024: the new GekkoScience Compac A1. It comes with two updated Bitmain BM1362 ASICs, well known and used in the Bitmain S19j Miner Series. With their 7nm architecture, these ASICs are currently among the most efficient SHA256d ASICs on the market. The [...]

bitshopper GekkoScience R909 USB Pod Miner (1,5-2,0 TH/s)

From December 2022 we introduce the newest quiet consumer miner from GekkoScience, the newest addition to the Terminus pod-miner line, the R909. The successor to the popular R606 Pod Miner is a evolution of the powerful and efficient USB stick miner bitshopper Gekkoscience Compac F. Equipped with six Bitmain BM1397 ASICs (as used in the [...]