Bitcoin Pod Miner bitshopper GekkoScience Terminus R909

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bitshopper GekkoScience Bitcoin USB Pod Miner with 1,5 GH/s up to 2 TH/s hash performance.

Clock rate and core voltage adjustable.

Aluminum case with 12cm PC fan.

Alternative power supply: 2.1mm/5.5mm barrel plug  or 6-pin PCIe socket

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This miner is a evolution of the powerful and efficient USB stick miner bitshopper Gekkoscience Compac F. Equipped with six Bitmain BM1397 ASICs (same as used in the well-known Bitmain S17), which are manufactured with 7nm process, the miner achieves a performance of 1.5 TH/s.

Clock rate and core voltage

Clock rate and core voltage are adjustable which allows up to 2 TH/s under optimal conditions.


The miner has a USB port for connecting an external controller (e.g. a Raspberry PI or a PC with Linux, Windows or Mac OS).

Compared to its predecessor R606, some improvements have been implemented:

  • This miner has the same physical dimensions as its predecessor and the airflow is also the same. It also uses the same 80mm fan. However, ports and jacks are no longer on the side, but on the air outlet backside. This makes stacking of the unit easier as you no longer need to keep three sides clear – two for airflow and one for cabling.
  • We were also able to expand the board by 15%, which made room for a better main controller and improved thermal management. The heatsink area over the chips has been increased by 40% over the R606, and we’ve added more board mounting legs for improved stability, especially during shipping.
  • The improved CGMiner GekkoScience Custom Mining Software (open source) brings features that will be very attractive to tuning enthusiasts, including a new API with clock frequency setting of each individual ASIC on multi-ASIC miners like the R909 and much more.
  • Newly developed heat sinks and an aluminum housing ensure further improved heat dissipation and stability.


The Terminus R909 requires an external controller running the cgminer software with a USB connection to the miner (USB cable is included). The driver has been extensively tested on Linux PCs and Raspberry Pi. Like previous Terminus models, the miner runs on 12V from either a standard 2.1/5.5mm barrel plug (rated at 8A) or a 6-pin PCIe socket.

The default clock rate has been conservatively set at 400 MHz, which roughly gives a hash rate of between 1.5 and 1.6 TH/S, higher frequencies are possible.

The core voltage is adjustable in the range of 1.4V to 1.6V per chip, just like the Compac F.

This miner also features upgraded LEDs. The blink rate is proportional to the hash rate. The base light color is a lovely pink-magenta.

The BM1397 chips have a significant temperature coefficient, which means they draw noticeably more current as they get warmer. Tuners or enthusiasts can upgrade the stock fan with more powerful fans. More airflow means power consumption is reduced by 5-10% just because lower temperatures are maintained. These units accept a standard 80mm x 25mm 3/4-wire 12V case fan.

Technical specifications:

  • Bitcoin USB Pod Miner with 6 BM1397 ASICs
    1.5 TH/S in standard configuration
  • Up to 2 TH/s with tuning and adjusted clock rate/core voltage
  • Power supply alternatively via 2.1mm/5.5mm barrel plug or via 6-pin PCIe socket.
    Power consumption: 90 W to 120 W depending on the clock rate set.
  • Extensive tuning options via customized CGMiner GekkoScience Branch
  • Aluminum casing

Scope of delivery:

  • bitshopper GekkoScience Terminus R909
    (USB connection cable is included, power supply unit is not included)

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