Quick Start Guide Apollo BTC Mining Computer

Quick start guide for your Apollo BTC Mining Computer (Standalone Version with controller)


  • Carefully remove the Apollo BTC, Power Supply, and AC Power Cable from the box. Be sure not to touch any PCB components on the exposed bottom of the unit.
  • Turn the ASIC miner over so the blue micro-controller is exposed. Make sure the white Micro SD card, as well as the M.2 SSD are both firmly in their sockets and did not become loose during shipment.

Connecting the peripherals

  • Plug in your HDMI Monitor cable to the side HDMI port on your Apollo, and a USB Keyboard/Mouse to the USB ports in the back of the Apollo.
  • If you are not using wifi, plug in your network ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the back of the unit.
  • You can setup your Apollo over ethernet without a monitor/keyboard/mouse if you wish, see instructions below.
  • Plug the supplied AC power cable into the APU-200W Power supply, and the other end into your AC socket. Plug in the TWO 6 Pin PCIE output cables into BOTH power ports of the Apollo. Make sure the 6 Pin connectors are firmly plugged into the Apollo, the cable will overheat if it does not have good contact.
  • WARNING: Always make sure both PCIE plugs are plugged into the Apollo, even if you are using your own PSU.
  • WARNING: NEVER Plug in two separate power supplies into the same Apollo. THIS IS A FIRE HAZARD.

Run Apollo BTC with expansion modules

  • If you ordered additional Standard Units without controller, repeat the steps above, and plug in the supplied Micro USB cable to the back Micro USB Port of the Standard Apollo and the other end into the USB port of the Full Package Apollo (you can use any standard USB hub if you run out of USB ports).

Switch on and configuration

  • Switch on your power supply on all the Apollo units, and wait for the Full Package Apollo to boot. Please be patient on first Boot, the Apollo BTC will automatically set up your SSD, configure the Bitcoin Node, and a bunch more system level setup that can take several minutes to complete.
  • Once it reaches the login screen, type in “futurebit123” as the password.
  • Once logged in, you will automatically be directed to the web dashboard. First connect your Apollo to your wifi network if you are not using an ethernet cable (internet/wifi icon on upper right corner of screen).
  • Then follow the setup instructions on the dashboard to setup your pool and dashboard password.
  • Thats it! You should be presented with your Apollo‚Äôs dashboard and any connected standard Apollos should be automatically mining on your pool. You can also check out your node on the node dashboard on the right side panel. It should have already started syncing!