Futurebit Apollo BTC Mining Desktop Computer

Pre-order Batch 2 from 17/04/2021 0:00 (GMT+2): Futurebit Apollo BTC Mining Desktop

FutureBit Apollo BTC is the world’s first vertically integrated platform brining the full power of Bitcoin and it’s mining infrastructure in a small, quiet, easy to use desktop device designed for everyday people.

Futurebit has iterated and learned much from their first Apollo LTC product. They realized early on that they focused too much on the mining aspect, and not enough on the software, applications, and services that run Bitcoin. Too many of these services have moved to online centralized websites, and many users have given up on running the core software that powers Bitcoin.

This must change, as Bitcoin will not continue to be the free, un-censorable, decentralized system it is today if only a few control the mining that powers it, and the nodes that control it.

At the heart of the new Apollo BTC product is a revamped SBC (Single Board Computer), that is as powerful as any consumer grade desktop system and can run almost any Bitcoin Application natively on the device 24/7. Take it out of the Box, plug it in, power it on, and you are already running a full Bitcoin node without needing to do anything.

Install a wallet of your choice, use any hardware wallet, run BTCPayServer, run a block explorer, run a Lightning Node. All of this is possible with their six core ARM based CPU with 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB NVMe drive that can easily store a FULL non pruned Bitcoin Node. It can power through a Full Node Sync in under 48 hours, which is a record for a device of its class! This is almost an order of magnitude faster than any Raspberry Pi 4 based Node.

On top of this they have taken their 6 years of experience building ASIC mining devices, and engineered the only American Made TeraHash range Bitcoin mining device that can be silent on your desk, mine Bitcoin in the background 24/7, and only use the power of one big light bulb to do it.

They did this with their optimized PCB design that has carefully placed all 44 hash cores underneath their custom cold-forged aluminum induction heatsink, which draws up to 200 Watts of heat away from the device with their new nearly silent 25mm fan.

This results in the Apollo BTC in Turbo Mode being just as quiet as the Apollo LTC in Eco Mode!

Like their previous products, they are manufacturing the Apollo BTC in the USA, and are now the only USA based company that delivers Bitcoin ASIC products with a supply chain whole owned in the western hemisphere.


Wir bieten den Apollo BTC Miner in folgenden drei Optionen an:

  • Full Apollo Package: This is the Full Package option that comes with everything you need in the box. The Apollo BTC Unit with their latest controller built in, and their 200W Power supply.
  • Standard: This option is ONLY the Apollo Hashboard, with no controller or power supply. The new hashboard has a micro USB port, and can be used as a USB device. The Full Apollo Node can control multiple standard units through its USB ports. They wanted to give customers an option to expand their hash power in a cost effective way. If you already have a Raspberry Pi, or Linux/Windows Desktop Computer and a power supply with two PCIE power ports you can also control our Standard unit in this way with our stand alone miner software (please note this setup will be for more advanced users, and the software will be command line based on launch).
  • Standard + Power Supply: Same as our Standard unit above, but comes with an additional 200W Power supply. This is a plug and play solution if you already have a Full Apollo Package. Take it out of the box, plug in the power supply, plug in the micro USB cable to the back of your Full Apollo BTC and it will automatically recognize the second hashboard and start mining.


  • Compact All-In-One Desktop Bitcoin System (10 x 15 x 10 cm) that mines Bitcoin and any SHA256 based cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash etc).
  • Powerful 6 ARM-Core CPU with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 500GB NVMe SSD (NOT included in the Standard or Standard+ package). Comes Pre-Installed with a Bitcoin node, and you can install almost any Bitcoin Application
  • Wide range of operation modes with preset ECO (quiet) mode, BALANCED, and TURBO mode.
  • 2 – 3,8 TH/s of SHA256 performance per miner (+/- 5%)
  • 125 Watts in ECO mode, and 200 Watts in TURBO mode (+/- 10%). (All power ratings posted are the miners 12v power consumption. Due to the wide range of third party 120-240v power supplies that can be used, your power draw will be slightly more depending on how efficient your PSU is)
  • Can be used as a full Desktop computer with a monitor, a keyboard and mouse (not included), or through Web UI
  • Connect almost any peripheral with USB 3.0 ports, USB C port, HDMI, AC Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Clocks and Power is fully customizable by user with easy to use interface
  • Hashboard now monitors both voltage and power draw for accurate measurements
  • Custom designed cold forged hexagonal pin heatsink with leading thermal performance for the quietest ASIC miner in operation!
  • 1k-5k RPM Quiet Dual Ball Bearing Fan with automatic thermal management with onboard temperature sensor
  • Controlled via local connection on a web browser. You can simply set it up via smartphone browser. No crazy driver installs, hard to use miner software or scripts needed (full Apollo package only).
  • Two Six Pin PCIE power connectors for wide-range of power draw
  • Custom Designed all Aluminum case
  • Ships with custom built 200W 94% efficient PSU and is ready to run out of the box! (PSU excluded with Standard package).


  • Internet Router with an Ethernet cable for initial setup OR Monitor with keyboard and mouse.
  • At least a 250 watt 12v power supply with two 6 Pin PCIE connector is required (unless you order the Full Package option or Standard+). This is the same connector used by all modern GPUs.
  • With our Standard or Standard+ Package you will need a mining controller (PC or Mini PC with Windows, Linux or Mac OS) with our FutureBit Apollo Mining Software installed.