GekkoScience 12-pole PCI-E 6pin Breakout Board for HP DPS-800 und HP DPS-1200 PSU


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GekkoScience 12-pole PCI-E 6pin Breakout Board for HP DPS-800 und HP DPS-1200 Server PSUs

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GekkoScience 12-pole PCI-E 6pin Breakout Board for HP DPS-800 and HP DPS-1200 Server PSUs

The new GekkoScience Breakout Board for HP DPS-800 and DPS-1200 PSUs provides 12 PCI-E plugs, Power-On, two status LEDs for standby und 12V and a standard 10-pin IO plug with POK, External On and 3.3V.

Two or more GekoScience Breakout Boards can be set up for parallel power-on using a pin contact cable between POK and EON.


  • GekkoScience Dual-Purpose DPS800 / DPS1200HP Common Slot Breakout Board with 12 PCI-E Steckverbindern

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