11-Port Mining Smart Hub with Raspberry PI Zero Mining Controller


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11-port USB Smart Hub with built-in Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 controller with integrated WiFi, Ethernet and pre-configured mining Linux distribution.

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11-Port Mining Smart Hub with Raspberry PI Zero Mining Controller

Our new Smart Hub is a evolution of the GekkoScience 7-Port USB Hub, which has been upgraded with the controller and operating system of the Marslander Solo Bitcoin Miner.

The Smart Hub has nine powered USB 2 ports, each providing up to 17.5 watts for powering USB stick miners. Each of these ports is optimally protected against overload with self-resetting 3.5 A fuses. In addition, two side USB2 ports with lower power supply are available for expansion with additional 7-port USB hubs or pod miners such as the GekkoScience R909.

The built-in controller is a Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 controller with integrated WLAN and Ethernet that comes with a preconfigured, full-fledged mining Linux distribution.

The Raspberry Pi connects to a router via LAN and obtains a local IP address via DHCP, which can be used to access a web interface with any browser for further configuration of WLAN and pool credentials.

It is no longer necessary to compile CGMiner yourself via SSH with the Raspberry command line to set up the miner. The learning effort for beginners is significantly reduced. Of course, all the options of a full-fledged Raspberry OS are available to experienced user such as the Java API of the latest CGMiner. That makes this controller also well suited for integration into smart home systems.

The Smart Hub is equipped with a small, green-black OLED screen that alternately displays the block time, the statistics of the individual connected miners and a BTC price ticker. Additional displays can be configured.

It also has a Micro HDMI port and can be used as a full Linux mini desktop with a mouse and keyboard attached.

The vertical spacing of the upper USB2 ports is designed to fit up to nine GekkoScience USB stick miners with 40 mm snap-on fans. In time for sales launch of the hub we will offer USB splitters for all previous generations of our stick miners to attach 2/3/4 wire 40 mm snap-on fans directly to the stick miner and power it via the USB port.

The possibilities of the Smart Hub are going to be further enhanced with each new generation of the Mining Linux distribution and will offer a comfortable introduction to mining for home users without forgoing the extended configuration options of a full-fledged mining Linux distribution.

Power supply is provided with a 6-pin PCIe plug for which any standard ATX PC PSU can be used.


1 GekkoScience 11-Port USB Smart Hub with Raspberry PI Zero Mining Controller.


  • 9 USB ports with power supply for up to 3.5 A output each (17.5 watts)
  • Built-in Raspberry PI Zero Controller with pre-installed Raspberry OS Mining Linux Distribution
  • Mini OLED display (green-black) for mining statistics and system status
  • RJ-45 LAN connector
  • 6-pin PCIe connector for power supply.

Technical requirements:

  • ATX PC PSU with 6-Pin PCIe connector and at least  200 watts of power. 

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