USB Stick SCRYPT Miner FutureBit Moonlander 300 KH/s – 1 MH/s


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Litecoin USB-Stick Miner FutureBit Moonlander up to 1 MH/s (Edition – Clock rate and Core Voltage adjustable.

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USB Stick SCRYPT Miner FutureBit Moonlander 300 KH/s – 1 MH/s

This USB stick Miner for SCRYPT based Crypotcoins like Litecoin, FeatherCoin and others delivers an average hash rate of 300 KH/s and can be safely boosted up to 1 MH/s when clock rate and voltage will be adjusted. Some hardcore overclockers can achieve even more.

This Miner is equipped with one highly power efficient AlcheMist SCRYPT ASIC from AlcheMiner Ltd.

A custom branch of BFGMiner is available here. Pre-build binaries for win32 and win64 as well as for Mac are available as well.

You will have command-line frequency control to adjust the clock rate. Moreover the miner is equipped with a fully adjustable voltage regulator that allows a core voltage range of 700mV to 1.1 V without requiring “pencil modding” or soldering skills.

The Miner will be delivered with a high performance heat sink mounted which provides a very low thermal resistance from 17.8 °C/W (natural convection) up to 3.5 °C/W (at an airflow velocity of 4 m/s). When overclocked and/or voltage regulated we highly recommend active cooling.

The power consumption depends on the clock rate and the set core voltage and varies from 2 W to more than 6 W. Usage of an active USB hub is highly recommended to avoid damage on standard USB ports.


  • 1 FutureBit Moonlander Scrypt USB stick miner  in PP gift box


  • Hash rate up to 1 MH/s (when overclocked and voltage regulated). Active cooling is highly recommended.
  • Power consumption: up to 6 W per USB port. An active USB hub is highly recommended.

Software and hardware requirements:

  • Host-PC with Windows x86 (32-bit or 64bit), Linux (x86 or ARM) or Mac OSX.
  • Please note: An active USB hub with adequate power supply is highly recommended (such as Anker 9-Port, Asicminer 49-Port, Orico 10-Port).
  • Please note: Due to the large heat sink the overall height of the device is 15mm. This may cause difficulties using all USB ports of an active USB hub.

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