bitshopper NanoFury NF2 Gen. 2 – up to 6.6 GH/s


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USB stick Bitcoin Miner bitshopper NanoFury NF2 Generation 2 up to 6.6 GH/s

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USB Stick Miner bitshopper NanoFury NF2 bis 6,6 GH/s

This USB stick Miner for SHA256d based Crypotcoins like Bitcoin, Namecoin, DEM and others delivers an average hash rate of 5 GH/s which can be boosted up to 6.6 GH/s when overclocked and actively cooled.

The miner comes with two Bitfury Rev. 2 ASICs (clock rate can be set individually for each ASIC) and is equipped with a large heat sink to support active cooling.

The NF2 is compatible with standard mining software CGMiner from version 3.10.0 and BFGMiner from version 3.99. This mining software is available for download for Windows, Mac OSX und Linux.

The power consumption depends on the use clock rate and varies from 2 W to 6 W. Usage of an active USB hub is highly recommended to avoid damage on standard USB ports.


  • 1 bitshopper NanoFury NF2 USB stick miner in gift box


  • Hash rate up to 6.6 GH/s (when overclocked and actively cooled)
  • Power consumption: up to 6 W per USB port. An active USB hub is highly recommended.

Software and hardware requirements:

  • Host-PC with Windows x86 (32-bit or 64bit). Standard USB driver compatible. Alternative OS: Linux (x86 or ARM).
  • Please note: An active USB hub with adequate power supply is highly recommended (such as Anker 9-Port, Asicminer 49-Port, Orico 10-Port).
  • Please note: Due to the large heat sink the overall height of the device is 15mm. This may cause difficulties in using all USB ports of an active USB hub.

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