The new Stick-Miner GekkoScience Compac A1

We are happy to announce the first product of the GekkoScience Miner Generation 2024: the new GekkoScience Compac A1. It comes with two updated Bitmain BM1362 ASICs, well known and used in the Bitmain S19j Miner Series. With their 7nm architecture, these ASICs are currently among the most efficient SHA256d ASICs on the market. The new stick miner combines low power consumption with state-of-the art hashing power.

The prototype achieves an average of 568 GH/s with standard setting at the lower end of the clock speed range. The BM1362 can be operated with a very high clock speed range, similar to the one of the old NewPac Miner. With roughly the same hashrate as a Compac F, the new Compac AI consumes over 30% less power and can be used for many dynamic scenarios such as pairing with a small solar power system and many other ideas. But there is also enough potential for overclocking and tuning at the upper end. The main controller can handle up to 20 Watts of power. That should be enough to push the ASICs to their performance limits with good cooling.

But we haven’t just updated the ASICs. Sidehack has spared no expense and effort and has finally included the long-awaited telemetry package. That means:

  • Software monitoring of temperature
  • Software voltage regulation during operation
  • Software clock rate during operation

All these parameters will also be available via the API. This opens up a wide range of possible applications, be it connecting a small solar power system, temperature-controlled greenhouse heating and much more.

The Compac A1 also has an integrated 2-pin fan socket, so that the previous snap-on coolers can still be used, but without the previously necessary additional USB splitter.

As described above, the Compac A1 is the first product in the new GekkoScience A series, which will include a new pod miner (R909 successor) and, at the top end, a blade miner in the 1 kW class. We will continue to expand the telemetry functions in these products. For example, full monitoring of input and output power, multiple temperature channels and software-supported fan control are planned. Overall, this is a very exciting development.

The new GekkoScience Compac A1 will be available around the End of May. The price has not been determined yet.